Presentation of the Multi-IN project at an International Conference

On 15-16 May, the EURLYAID International Early Childhood Conference will take place in Prague with the theme Creating Early Childhood Intervention Together – Building Bridges. The conference is organised by the European Association for Early Intervention in cooperation with the Czech Society for Early Childhood Care.

Representatives of the Early Intervention Centre Trnava will actively participate in this conference. CVI Trnava as a partner of the Multi-IN project has signed up to present this Erasmus project and its outcomes in the form of a poster.

The call for the poster session from the conference organisers was oriented towards papers with practical relevance for early intervention and cooperation between parents and professionals and for supporting and strengthening families of children with special needs. Insights on best practices as well as recent research findings were welcome. Parents and parent organizations were particularly invited by the organizers, which our project fulfilled. The poster about the Erasmus plus Multi-IN project was approved and the presentation will take place at the conference on Monday 15 May 2023.

We are looking forward that Slovak and Bulgarian families with children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus will be present at the conference through their representatives. On behalf of the Early Intervention Centre Trnava the Multi-IN project will be presented by special teacher and director of the Center – Terézia Drdulová, psychologist Katarína Ondášová and occupational therapist Andrej Drdul.

Pictures by: Pavol Bicak