Manual for class teachers

Manual for Class Teachers

For multidisciplinary care and inclusion of children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus at schools and kindergartens

This manual seeks to support teachers in knowing how to manage the inclusive education of a student with spina bifida or hydrocephalus. We hope it will help more and be a good guide.

Most children born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in the 21st century have a chance at a full life. Provided they have access to timely and quality health care, informed parenting professionals, ample stimulation for their development and access to quality education from an early age. Together, we can do this much more easily. Let’s join forces and make it happen – including with the help of this manual.

“I wish for all of us not only to talk about inclusion, but to live it through small changes, acts of love and a change of mindset…. and thus change lives.”

Co-author Marek Krajňák